Spiritual Journey [5-CD Album]


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This scripture meditation series features soothing background music combined with nature sounds as the scripture is narrated around each of the following themes:

1. WOODLAND STREAM - Theme: The Comfort of the Presence of God - Come away from the noise and confusion of everyday life and step into a beautiful, green forest where you pause beside a gentle stream and commune with the living God.

2. DESERT RAIN - Theme: Forgiveness and renewed strength and vitality - You begin in the dry wasteland of the desert. The barren places that King David experienced in the Psalms is, sometimes, our experience as well. But God hears your thirsty cry and soon the desert is transformed by God's cleansing rain. Very refreshing and renewing. If you need a fresh touch from the Lord this is the tape for you.

3. NIGHTWATCH - Theme: God's majesty and power - Leave behind the stress and pain of the day. Come away to a hill top meadow in the evening as the stars fill the sky. Spend the night with the Creator of the Universe and be reminded once again how big your God is.

4. SEASHORE - Theme: Healing - Walk along the sandy surf as the waves caress the shoreline. You are walking with the Master as He speaks healing into your life. Receive comfort from the Great Physician who sends you forth with renewed vigor and hope. (This is excellent for the sick. All the scriptures used are about healing).

5. MORNING MEADOW MEDITATION - Theme:  Security - In the early morning just as the Sun begins to rise you are transported to a lush meadow to greet the dawn.  Here you walk with The Lord along a pathway over gently sloping hills surrounded by wildflowers.  You speak to The Lord and he answers you.  He speaks to you from His Word assuring you of his love, forgiveness, protection and provision.  The Lord's promise never to leave you or forsake you renews your soul and strengthens your faith.

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